What is XBWEB? 

On this page you can see what we believe are the top ten strengths of XBWEB.

1. Access your development projects remotely on XBWEB server

2. Or on your local disk drive or network

3. Choose one or more available languages or add new languages

4. Define user privileges

User access could be enabled from any IP address or from up to three predefined restricted IP addresses.

Each user belongs to one of the user levels (full access or defined limited access).
Each level can have read/write or read only privileges.
In addition, you can limit access to one or more users at a time.

5. Create tables in MySQL database on the WEB server and/or in ACCESS database on your local disk/network in xBase tool

6. Create menus and buttons for your project in XBWEB application as needed

7. Easily create tables for viewing and editing of your data sources

Add additional options to your code:

or display multiple tables in a single dialog:

8. Create data entry dialogs as needed for your application

9. Create reports in various outputs:

Display the data source in a spreadsheet view:

Display combination of tables and charts

Display your information line by line:

10. Code writing is 100% compatible with xBase ++ Alaska code



1. Your source code is stored on the XbWEB server and executed locally

2. The XbWEB application has a powerful interpreter that executes your source code on the fly. Numerous classes and functions are available to help you write the code.

3. Communication between the WEB server and the local computer is protected by AES 256 encryption with 16-character password of your choice

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